Zero Emissions by Dorian Paul

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Aftermarket auto entrepreneur Michael Antonelli has a groundbreaking scheme in need of a patent lawyer. Who better than Julia Darcy, the brainy young woman who cost him a bundle in an unrelated lawsuit? She’s left a top-notch firm to start her own practice, but when he approaches she isn’t interested. At least not until he reveals he and his scientist partner have come up with the Holy Grail of energy, green gas that burns clean with almost no impact on the environment. She swallows her skepticism for the patent opportunity of a lifetime . . . if it’s real.

When she’s tossed down an office stairwell Antonelli suspects this is the opening gambit in a high stakes ploy to steal his process. He no longer wants her involved but Julia insists, even though her jaws are wired shut from the accident. A lawyer who can’t talk? He’d be nuts to agree. Still, her fire in the belly convinces him she’ll work her butt off to patent his biofuel. Unless it’s his attraction to Julia’s guts and crooked smile? He enlists his mafia uncle to keep an eye on her. Big mistake when his estranged teenaged daughter is kidnapped. It takes the mafia, CIA, and Julia’s bravery to come up with a strategy. But what does it mean for Michael, Julia, the biofuel, and their escalating passion? Read Zero Emissions to find out!

Advance Praise for Zero Emissions:

  • “The rhythm of the book was perfect and I liked the depth of the characters.”
  • “The science worked and the idea was cool enough to invest in.”
  • “I really got sucked into it, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.”
  • “I read it in two days. It was different from anything I’ve read. Completely believable.”
  • “Multiple hooks propelled me forward. It would make a great movie.”