Win! Expert Advice for Raising Successful Athletes by Emily Pavot

Parenting is difficult. Parenting athletes can be even more difficult.

Win! Expert Advice on Raising Successful Athletes makes the decision making easier.

By analyzing interviews with Olympians, professional athletes, and college athletes, the book provides insights that help parents raise not only successful athletes but also successful young men and women.

Emily Pavot, M.Ed. is a former college scholarship athlete in tennis and the daughter of an Olympian in track and field. When she had children, she found there were assumptions about how she would mold them into athletes. She started reaching out to anyone and everyone who played or coached a college sport, and asked their advice for raising young athletes. She interviewed athletes and coaches from different sports, different colleges and different areas of the country, and noticed striking similarities in the advice they had to offer.

This book outlines those common themes, and is divided into three parts. Part one offers guidance for parents of athletes, part two gives advice to the youth athletes themselves, and part three contains the actual interviews with the experts (helpful advice from each coach and athlete).

You will find some insight that will help you and your child, whether they are participating in leagues or travel teams, and at the high school or college level.

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