SuperGal vs. GOD


Lori Hyson


Who was this befeathered woman in the mirror?

Let’s see. To-die-for shiny pumps with bows, fluffy pink boa with feathers, blue eyes and dimples.

SuperGal was a slightly mature—okay, middle-aged—dynamo, a go-getter, an achiever. She was as cute as she could manage at 47, well-organized, a community leader. Supremely independent. A fixer. She could fix her own problems and the rest of the world’s as well.

“What’s that, God? Do I need some help? Advice? No, I’m fine. Thanks! Oh no, don’t worry about me—really. You’re a Sweetie for offering, though. See You in church on Sunday. You do remember, right, that I joined a few years ago? Yes? Ta! Ta!

SuperGal. Strong, successful, self-reliant.

Love? Phooey! Never again. Until the moment she found herself, well—back in love!

Joy quickly became despair when her new love fell desperately ill. SuperGal rolled up her sleeves. She would fix this, too.

Tomorrow, the battle would begin, and she would find herself at the epicenter. God’s victorious hand was stretched out to SuperGal, but she circled around it. Blind. And lost.

Yes, SuperGal could handle anything life threw her way.

Until she couldn’t.

Until she utterly failed.

Until finally, God had her right where He wanted her.


Memoirs, Christian Memoir, Christian Inspiration, Spiritual Growth, Controlling Women, Personal Memoir

Price: $7.99


RELIGION / Christian Life / Spiritual Growth
RELIGION / Christianity


9780989079013 (iBooks)
9780989079006 (print: 370 pages)

Publisher Info

Broken Shoe Press PO Box 537, Valley Forge, PA 19481-0537

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