Silent Rising: A Near Future Adventure

By Michael Atman

Book 2 in the Silent Trek Trilogy

New edition for 2015 contains 17 full color original space art images

…takes you for a rollercoaster ride of your life. After surviving a near death plummet from a second-generation wavecraft, Justin Larson is more resolved than ever to seek the good in wave technology. To his dismay, the technological breakthrough that was destined to bankrupt the transportation industries, unexpectedly becomes the most unstoppable force in the world. Waser, a new invisible form of laser, will penetrate anything and can sever a head at a distance in excess of a hundred miles.

Waser drive provides the power to propel wavecraft a speeds surpassing Mach 20, and has the potential of lifting tremendous payloads into space. It soon become apparent the developers will be able to build spacecraft capable of interstellar travel.

The technology is advanced by a consortium of industrial giants with near limitless resources. There is no turning back, and Justin Larson is confronted with facing his destiny and using the power in ways he swore he never would. With the resolve to challenge the world, he dares to deal with the madness of weapons of mass destruction while planning the ultimate escape to save his family.

Silent Rising, the second adventure in the Silent Trek trilogy, is more than a nonstop ride for survival; it’s the continuing epic of human struggle where bonds and love are paramount factors in the equation.

The Silent Trek Trilogy:

  • Book 1: Silent Wave
  • Book 2: Silent Rising
  • Book 3: Silent Landing

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About the Author

Michael Atman (1946) is a futurist and Indie author of speculative fiction, graphic artist, photorealistic illustrator, and creator of space art. He also blogs on fiction with foresight, photo innovations, and OsumPODS, his concept of sustainable living. Atman explores such areas as futuristic technologies, space travel, alien invasions, astronomical events, and the destiny of humanity in his novels.

New releases include Silent Trek the trilogy, which has 50+ photorealistic illustrations, Harvesting Terra, Resurrecting Terra, Planet Passing and The Future Teller. Also available are The Art of Digital Space Art vols. 1 & 2.

As a futurist, Atman questions everything. He believes that human survival into the future will require the creation of sustainable super-structures and off-grid independent communities, independence from mass infrastructure, the end of planned obsolescence, a major overhaul of governments, banking, investing, and insurance, plus the creation of test tube foods with the end of ranching and farming, and last but not least, the abandonment of religious superstitions.

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