Author Showcase

Amazon Kindle Bestsellers Showcase

The authors showcased below hired to assist them in running highly successful bestseller campaigns on Amazon.

Ted Fox

Ted Fox is the author of Showtime at the Apollo. In January, 2014, his title hit #1 in two categories simultaneously. There were than 1400 downloads of Showtime at the Apollo over a 5-day period.

Ted has since become a blogger for the Huffington Post.

Brian Gast

Brian Gast is a former hotshot MBA, CEO, and entrepreneur who rode the high-stakes roller coaster of three fast-growth telecommunications companies, topping a net worth of over $50 million. In April of 2013, Brian’s book The Business of Wanting More was the most downloaded book in the Leadership category (over a 5-day period). In 2012, Brian was awarded the USA Best Book Awards, in the Self-Help: Motivational category for The Business of Wanting More.

Lizzie Cochran

Lizzie Cochran is the founder of Miracle Players Foundation and donates 100% of the proceeds from her book Singing Anyway: Stories of Faith, Hope, & Love in the Fight Against Childhood Cancer to the Miracle Players Foundation (to fund pediatric cancer research and related programs). In 2013, her book was the #1 downloaded book in the cancer category.

Elaina Zuker

Elaina Zuker is a seasoned businesswoman, educator, author and consultant, Ms. Zuker has held executive positions in publishing, higher education and communications. As a keynote speaker, she has addressed meetings and conferences in industry, government and professional associations. Her book Seven Secrets of Influence – Portable Power for the 21st Century, a prior bestseller in print, also hit #1 in Kindle in 2013 (in the highly competitive Sales & Selling category).

Seven Secrets is now also available in the Apple iBookstore.

Dr. William Wright

William Wright, M.D. is a graduate of the University of Michigan Medical School. A private pilot, he is the holder of three black belts and instructor certifications in Tae Kwon Do and Aikido. Maximum Insecurity is a memoir of his past eight years as the physician in Colorado’s maximum security (Supermax) prison. Bill had tremendous success during the his KDP campaign with more than 14,000 downloads and nailed the #1 spot in 5 separate categories!

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