Running a successful KDP Campaign

Steps to run a successful KDP Campaign!

Turn your Kindle book into a #1 Amazon Bestseller!

If you hire us to assist you with your campaign, we perform many of these steps on your behalf (depending on the package you choose).

  1. Write and publish a press release announcing dates of campaign (see samples here)
  2. Identify your unique short Amazon URL:
  3. Create an launch page (if you hire us).
  4. Recommended: Setup a report page for the Amazon URL we will put into your press release at:
  5. Use Google Shorter to monitor click-throughs at:
  6. Issue a press release via PR Log (We do this for you typically 1-2 days before your free promo campaign starts) with both the Kindle URL and the Google Shortlink (to point to ether the author’s website or back to a page on if the author does not have a website. Be sure the page that includes a link back to the Kindle Book.
  7. Post to Facebook Fan Pages that promote Free Kindle Books.
  8. Take Screenshots when the title begins to rank in the TOP 10.
  9. Submit your link and your free dates to these websites (recommended 5-7 days before free dates begin)

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