Family of Distorted Minds

Thank you for your interest in Family of Distorted Minds by Deborah Rose.

Why had God placed this life in front of me? To start with, the Lord never gives you more than you can handle. I would be born to parents Joyce and Denny Grant, married at ages seventeen and twenty-three. It was a match made by way of Denny’s maternal aunt, Kitty. In 1956 she was my mother’s roommate in Camarillo, a California insane asylum.

This marriage was a slice of hell, giving birth to three children. Joyce would kill her second born, Jimmy, followed by her hanging me as a two-year-old, three years later. Where does one’s life go from there? What were the reasons for these events—or those that followed, many of which my mind blacked out? What was God’s plan? What would I learn? When would I begin to remember…

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