The Butterflies, Yero and Boca by Allen (Pud) Deters

Thank you for your interest in The Butterflies, Yero and Boca by Allen (Pud) Deters.

…and since it was their turn, the monarchs told their own story: A tale of lost children who do indeed return to earth as butterflies on the wings of the Fyrstellia, the falling stars.

For when the Lord of Light granted men a mortal lifespan He founded a halfway house in the nearby heavens as well, the Halls of Waiting, where angels could bring the fallen and tend their spirits until they were ready to go further into the Light. For most it was only a short stay, but not for the children.

“They don’t want to go on”, reported the Keeper of the Halls. “They want to go back”.

Here are two that did—Rasha La, such monarchs call themselves—together with an account of their journey into Mexico, caught up along the way in the fortunes of the fairy people on earth.