Print-on-Demand Explained

POD Formatting and Setup

What additional work is required to setup your book for sale in print? If we did your eBook, it’s a matter of laying out your book in a print-friendly format (we prefer to use MS Word) and taking into account items such as:

  • Headers
  • Footers
  • Page #’s
  • Margins/Gutter
  • Print-ready cover (back cover + spine)
  • Sending you a printed proof
  • Setting it up for distribution and sale

Once you’ve received and approved your printed proof, then we will set it up for sale and worldwide distribution on your account. As the publisher on record, you will get paid directly by the distributor. You have the option to have an ISBN assigned by Amazon to you, which I recommend of the largest distribution – or you can choose to purchase your own from Bowker.

When you need to order books, you will order them directly from the printer we set you up with – it’s all done online and you can expect to pay about $2.75/book for a 100 page book. The beauty of POD is that you only order what you need. Typical order turn around is 1-2 weeks depending on the backlog at the printer. At certain times of the year, order lead-times can be as long as 2-3 weeks (long lead times are not uncommon from July-August, and December-January).

We prefer to layout your book using Microsoft Word because you’ll get a file back a ‘master source file’ that you can continue to edit as needed (since many books are really never ever truly finished).

To keep costs down, we will offer you the option to choose from one of several different design templates we’ll use to format your book-in-print. Customization outside of what is inherent to these designs will require additional time (& thus cost).

The cost for print-on-demand formatting varies depending on the complexity of the work, but a good rule of thumb is that the print layout will generally cost 2x what the eBook edition cost. So if you paid $300 for the formatting/layout of your eBook, you can expect the print layout to run approx. $600. This is because it typically takes us twice as long to do the layout for print.

Layout Options









Table of contents (Included with all books)




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