Unlocking the Secrets Hidden in Handwriting


Paula Roberts

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Feb. 14, 2013 – Feb. 18, 2013


‘Unlocking’ is filled with easy-to-understand and useful information. It gives you insight into how to use small samples of handwriting from which you can ascertain another person’s compatibility with you. Whether used for a romantic or for a business partner, the rules are the same.

In this modern day of emails, texts and phone messages, there is, and will always be, a place for handwriting. Who will cherish an email greeting rather than a note, card or letter, over the years? No one is going to tie printouts of emails with red ribbon and put them into a box – yes, many people do still do that!

Organized according to particular character traits, each chapter of the book focuses upon a specific quality or trait. It offers concise explanations about what handwriting can reveal about these attributes.

You can actually learn enough about your partner’s personality from this book to gauge the possibility of success in your relationship.

For example, just be looking at the direction in which the writing slopes, or whether the tops of the small ‘a’ or ‘o’ are open or not, you will know whether he or she is introverted, extroverted, sociable or distant, secretive or very open.

You will find it easy to find out if your partner is flamboyant or modest; generous or thrifty; moody or stable, a leader or a follower. These are some of the traits you will be able to recognize with the use of this book.

This book is filled with samples of celebrity’s handwriting, all used to illustrate certain personality traits. Do you have the organizational ability of Madonna, or the intuitive powers of Bruce Springsteen? The ambition of Napoleon, or the strength of will of Babe Ruth? Some of these may well surprise you as the person’s public façade (seen through the signature) may well not be the same as the true character (seen only through the sample of handwriting).

There is no magical tool which can ensure happiness, but this book may help you to bypass some problems in your life. Relationships of all kinds may be improved when one has insight into the character you are dealing with. You may then be able to see both obstacles and potential in your relationship and how to deal with these.


  • Chapter 1 – Introvert or Extrovert?
  • Chapter 2 – Balance between Ideals, Emotions and Materialism
  • Chapter 3 – Connected to Others?
  • Chapter 4 – Sociable or Aloof?
  • Chapter 5 – Flamboyant or Modest?
  • Chapter 6 – Moody or Stable?
  • Chapter 7 – Open or Secretive?
  • Chapter 8 – Leader or Follower?
  • Chapter 9 – Generous or Thrifty?
  • Chapter 10 – Logical or Intuitive?
  • Chapter 11 – Detailed or Casual?
  • Chapter 12 – Signatures
  • Chapter 13 – Doodles


Graphology, love & romance, handwriting analysis, relationships, Divination

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