KDP Campaigns by Kindle Expert

The majority (over 80%) of our KDP Campaigns have all produced #1 Amazon Bestsellers! Every single campaign we’ve run has resulted in a top 5 slot within a single category. The campaigns we run often see more than 5,000 downloads over a 5-day period.

Here’s the proof… (click for actual screenshots)

Waiternomics by Martin Fischer

True Love by Destin Bays

The Business of Wanting More by Brian Gast

Sweep Away Your Thorny Childhood by Sandra Clinger

Miss America By Day by Marilyn Van Derbur

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Here’s some endorsements from authors who’ve hired us:

When I began publishing under direction of The Kindle Expert, Brian Schwartz and his assistant Cynthia Bastian, I had no idea how easy it would be. What a treat! Looking back on my experience I realize the pitfalls and potential publishing disasters I avoided with Brian’s counseling and direction. I look forward to more opportunities to work with The Kindle Expert.★★★★★ Five Stars!

-Sandra Elizabeth Clinger, Sweep Away Your Thorny Childhood, Eight Steps to a Life of Well-Being

We can also provide references upon request.

The best marketing investment you can make in yourself!

I firmly believe that dollar-for-dollar, you will not find a better marketing investment anywhere! There are 3 immediate benefits you can expect to receive from a successful KDP Campaign we run for you:

  1. You become a bona fide Amazon bestseller!
  2. You get a big boost in your overall visibility and ranking on Amazon.com.
  3. You will get more reviews for your book (honest, authentic reviews).

Keep in mind that the bestseller status will be obtained during the 5-day free promotion. We’ll take screenshots when it hits the bestseller page. And at this time, Andrey will be able to state he is a bestseller.

What are the major contributors to a successful KDP Campaign?

What work goes into a successful campaign?

  1. A well written (& well distributed) press release. Here’s a list of sites that typically pick up the press releases we publish. We will provide you a report where yours gets posted.
  2. Contacting Amazon reviewers who have reviewed titles similar to your book and readers that have expressed an interest in your genre. We’ll probably ask for assistance with similar titles that have enough reviewers (typically more than 50), but can also work off the bestsellers in his category.
  3. Through carefully selected sites and utilizing paid placements, we’ll promote your title to over 100,000 Kindle readers. Usually, within a few days of the start of the 5-day promotion, the titles we promote show up on page 1 of the bestseller for at least one (sometimes 2-3) category.

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