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A dandelion is much more than a common weed! It can be eaten to improve your health, enjoyed in place of coffee beans, mixed with a salad, or enjoyed as a juice. The most fun use is to carry your thoughts to your sweetheart by blowing the feathered seeds off the puffball.

Of Nature and Me

Set in a delightful backyard garden, join us as we meet a variety of creatures whose stories will enchant you.

Illustrated by Don Arabian, Don is the celebrated former NASA aeronautical engineer who received many accolades for the Gemini, Apollo 8, Apollo 11, Apollo 13, and Skylab projects.

Walking on Central Boulevard

Walking on Central Boulevard is the story of a desperate search for a cure for ALS – Lou Gehrig’s disease – through both traditional medicine and alternative procedures.

Growing up in World War Two

A memoir of what life was like growing up in Nothern California during World War II.


Follow the delightful adventures of Star as he searches for his lost bag of Star Dust. This beautifully illustrated book will capture the hearts of both young and adult readers, as well as being a perfect bedtime story book for children. Star will set your imagination on a new journey!

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