MAN UP – Moving Men from Ordinary to Extraordinary


74 pages

Every day in life, men struggle to find their purpose and passion. In this book, MAN UP, Pastor B. Patrick Lewis teaches you simple, yet effective ways to move your life from ordinary to extraordinary. In today’s world, many men find themselves lacking confidence and conviction to reach their God-given potential. This book was written specifically to encourage and uplift all men to live their life with purpose.

About the Author: B. Patrick Lewis is a committed Christian who believes that without the mercy and forgiveness of God, he would not be alive today. In the late 90’s, his life was spinning out of control, but by the grace of God, his family and rehabilitation, he has now become a leader in the Christian community. He is a devoted family man, author and ordained pastor who believes in second chances, and encourages everyone to take a deep look within to discover their own truth. He founded Choice Within Ministries based upon three basic principles of life – Gratitude, Love, and Forgiveness.”We are all one and we are all God’s beautiful children. I believe life is too short not to love.” – Pastor B.

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