Digital Publishing/eBook workshops led by Brian Schwartz

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Pixels to Profit: 7 Steps to Self Published Success (Two-Part workshop)

Duration: 1 to 3 hours

Pixels to Profit: 7 Steps to Self Published Success will reveal common threads that successful authors share in the era of eBooks. The advantage today goes to authors who are knowledgeable, nimble and able to respond to an exploding marketplace. A deep dive will be made into each of the seven steps: 1. Effective Market Research, 2. A Rapid Publishing Method, 3. Amazon Optimization Strategies, 4. Expanding Distribution Through Partners & Affiliates, 5. Building an Automated Marketing Machine, 6. The Author’s ‘In-Direct’ Role in Social Media, and 7. Evolving Paradigms in Publishing. Bonus: Attendees will receive The 7 Secrets Marketing Map.

eBook Publishing Made Easy: How to ePublish Directly to the Major eBook Marketplaces to retain 100% of your royalties

Duration: One-Hour

Learn how to publish your eBook directly to major eBook marketplaces including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple, and Kobo. If you’ve already published your eBook, attend this course to learn some marketplace optimization secrets that will increase your visibility. Other topics covered will include eBook Formatting, pricing, cover design, and how to make the most of Amazon’s KDP Select program.

Formatting your eBook: The 10 Most Common Mistakes Writers Make and how to avoid them

Duration: One-Hour

EBooks now outsell print books 3-to-1 and the barriers to getting published have never been lower. But how do you get your book properly formatted for the major eBook marketplaces? In this workshop, you will learn how to use Microsoft Word or Libre Office to beautifully transform any text and/or pictures into a format suitable for publishing an eBook directly to Amazon and B&N. You will learn to produce an eBook you will be proud of without expensive software. You will also see how the same file can be used to setup print-on-demand. Bonus: Attendees will receive a handout: The Top 10 Most Common Formatting Mistakes Writers Make in eBooks.

eBook Covers: How to Pick a Title that Ranks and Design a Cover that Sells!

Duration: One-Hour

It’s sad, but true: most people do judge a book by its cover! Even if you’ve written a wonderful book, if your cover falls flat, new readers will be predisposed – which can often result in a less favorable impression of your writing. In this workshop, you will learn the subtle distinctions that separate the bestsellers in an increasingly crowded eBook marketplace. Savvy authors publishing eBooks are using a variety of strategies to increase sales and rank higher on Amazon. Topics covered include: 1. Finding affordable designers, 2. Formats & dimensions required by each marketplace, 3. Common mistakes authors and designers make, 4. Low cost sources for high quality artwork, 5. Techniques to promote you book using the cover art with Pinterest, Facebook, and Google Images.

Paid Critiques

I’m available for technical critiques – I mainly speak to the formatting, marketability, and potential for the author’s work (including cover design, layout, and genre/category selection).

Speaker Bio

Authorpreneur Brian Schwartz is the creator of the award winning 50 Interviews series and has published more than 50 titles sine 2009. Driven out of a need to provide his authors access to the digital book market, he launched in 2010 to provide digital conversion and sales optimization services for other authors and publishers. His title of ‘Authorpreneur’ encompasses the roles he fills as CEO, author, speaker, trainer, publisher, and consultant. He’s the past president of the Colorado Independent Publishers Association – a 20+ year old association, and the first of it’s kind dedicated to self-publishers. He’s been featured on NBC & CBS, in the Denver Business Journal, and is the author of a monthly column for the Northern Colorado Business Report highlighting innovation and entrepreneurship throughout Colorado.

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