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Advice for transfering files directly to your Kindle

Important first steps:

  1. Register your Kindle Device
  2. Connect your Kindle to a WiFi network
  3. Become familiar with the Manage Your Kindle page on Amazon

If you purchased your Kindle from somewhere OTHER than Amazon, or received it as a gift, you will need to first register your Kindle device to your account. You most likely need to register your Kindle on the device itself once you connect to a wifi network (unless you have a 3G/4G enabled device).

Once you login to your account, click on ‘Personal Document Settings’ (here’s a screenshot):

Personal Document Settings

There are 3 ways to transfer files directly to your Kindle:

  1. Install the Send To Kindle application for your PC/Mac.
  2. Email the file to your Kindle device
  3. Plug the device in your USB and transfer it to your documents folder on the device.

First way (simple!) – just install the Send To Kindle app available from the link above.

Second way (read instructions below):

Make a note of your Kindle device email address (yes, every Kindle does have it’s own email address!)

As long as your email the document to your devices email address – there’s no charge for the document to be delivered over your wifi network.

(where xxxxxx is your device’s email address)

If you plan to send files to your Kindle, you need to add the email address you plan to send the file ‘from’

Add your own email address as an appoved sender

Note, you can send any of the following formats to your Kindle:

• Kindle Format (.MOBI, .AZW)
• Microsoft Word (.DOC, .DOCX)
• RTF (.RTF)
• GIF (.GIF)
• PNG (.PNG)
• BMP (.BMP)
• PDF (.PDF)

Third way (helpful if you are dealing with large files)

Plug your device into your USB – it should appear like a thumb drive would. Then navigate to the documents folder and drag and drop your file (one of the formats mentioned above) directly onto the device.

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