Amazon KDP Campaign Contract

Amazon KDP Campaign

Kindle Expert 19 Old Town Square, #238
Fort Collins, CO. 80524
(970) 215-1078 tel
(614) 455-9489 eFax

AGREEMENT made between __________________ (individually or collectively the “Author”) and 50 Interviews Inc., a Colorado Corporation, DBA Kindle Expert (the “Service Provider”).

WHEREAS the Author is or will be the proprietor of the following described literary work (individually or collectively the “Work”):

Title: ____________________________

**One-time fee: $ 289.00

And such other titles and pricing as the parties may agree to in writing from time to time are subject to this agreement.

WHEREAS the Author desires to have the Service Provider assist in a marketing campaign in an effort to increase sales ranking on Amazon and increase the number of legitimate reviews by verified purchasers (who download the Kindle book during the promotion). Service Provider desires to promote the Author’s Work utilizing Amazon KDP Select, on the terms and conditions and in consideration of the covenants set forth herein;


Scope of Work

Service Provider shall setup and run a KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) campaign on behalf of the Author.

Included in Service Providers services are:

  • Publish an online press release announcing dates of free promotion with direct links to the Kindle listing on Amazon and Author’s website. It is normal to expect (but not guaranteed) that over 100 websites will publish/promote the press release.
  • Enable consecutive 5-day promotional period during the 90-day KDP Select duration.
  • Announcement of Author’s promotional period on no fewer than 30 websites or Facebook sites.
  • Take off-sale at Apple & BN (if necessary).
  • Work with Author to create a list of no fewer than 10 keywords to be used in conjunction with the campaign (on press release and in keywords on Amazon).

Also included at no additional charge:

  • The ‘7 Secrets’ book/ebook marketing strategy map ($17 value).
  • Over 3 hours of video tutorials on marketplace setup, optimization, and marketing ($67 value).

Author’s responsibility

  • Assist Service Provider in authoring press release (note: We will first utilize materials posted on Author’s website (if available)).
  • Provide Service Provider with any necessary account logins.

Independent contractor

The relationship between Service Provider and Author shall be that of independent contractor and principal, and the parties are not partners or joint venturers.

Dated effective _________________, 2013


Book Title:

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