Renew Your Wows

Thank you for your interest in Renew Your Wows: Seven Powerful Tools to Ignite the Spark and Transform Your Relationship by Jeffrey H. Sumber.

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Relationships are something that most of us tend to take for granted as a given. “Of course I deserve this person in my life to meet my needs and fulfill my desires!” If this were the case, Jeffrey Sumber suggests in Renew Your Wows!, we would all be blissfully satisfied, moving through life without a care in the world. Yet, for many of us this is just not so. After researching the power of relationships for two decades, Sumber has uncovered one of the greatest secrets surrounding our insatiable need to sabotage the stability and mutual benefit of our long-term partnerships. This book explores the ways in which we compromise our overall happiness by projecting the responsibility to create a sense of contentment onto others rather than building it at first individually, and then, as a committed, intentional team. This is a book that turns the traditional relationship “how-to’” on it’s head and offers instead, an exploration of self-discovery and personal empowerment that actually does more for both romantic love as well as for all our interpersonal relationships than anything in recent memory.

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