ISBN Options

(For Kindle Expert clients who have hired us to assist them with print-on-demand)

Option 1 ($25) – Purchase an ISBN from us. – Recommended

We assign you one of our ISBNs. You can use it with CreateSpace (for sale on Amazon) & Lighting Source (for inclusion in the Ingram catalog), or any other printer/distributor you choose to use in the future. Our cost is lower because we buy them from Bowker in bulk.

Important note on ISBN numbers purchased through us: We provide ISBN #’s as a convenience to our customers but retain no rights to your work, and you are not obligated in any way to use the ISBN # we assign to you. If you elect to acquire an ISBN # (required by Lightning Source and the Library of Congress for each title) through us, it will be registered to Wise Media Group, LLC. Wise Media Group, LLC has been established primarily for the purpose of obtaining ISBN #’s on behalf of our clients who hire us on a work-for-hire basis and require ISBN #’s. Although Wise Media Group is listed as the publisher to the ISBN provided to your title(s), no rights or privileges to your work are retained by Wise Media Group, or anyone else whatsoever. Instead, acting in an agent role, we are acquiring an ISBN on your behalf (at a discount). The primary reason you would want to acquire ISBNs on your own is if you would like to establish yourself as a publisher on record with Bowker.

Option 2 (Free) – Use what that CreateSpace assigns to you.

You can use one of the ISBNs that CreateSpace assigns to you. Just keep in mind that the publisher will be listed as ‘CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform.’ Also note that you can not use the ISBN they assign to you anywhere else (ie. Lightning Source).

Option 3 ($10) – Purchase an ISBN assigned to you from CreateSpace.

You can purchase one from CreateSpace for $10. This will allow you to have your own name (or your publishing company name) listed instead of CreateSpace (as in Option 2). However you cannot use the ISBN they assign to you anywhere else (ie. Lightning Source).

Option 4: ($125 and up) – Not recommended

Most expensive option. You purchase and provide your own. You have the option to purchase your own through Bowker ( I don’t recommend this because it’s cost prohibitive and unnecessary if you work with us… A single ISBN currently costs $125 (or ten costs $250)!

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