Thank you for your interest in HEAL (Healthy Emotions Abundant Life): From Super Hero to Super Self Empowered by Cynthia Howard RN CNC PhD.

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Are you locked into the archetype of the selfless Caregiver and can never say No to anyone? Or maybe you can’t turn your mind off and worry yourself into sleepless nights? Tired of the damage control from the emotional hijacking and your most recent outburst?

HEAL is written for you and takes you on a journey into parts of you that may be hidden or forgotten and helps you navigate your emotions for better relationships and communication on and off the job. HEAL helps you transform the limitations of the Caregiver archetype and transform your anger to boundaries and your sadness to letting go for more fulfillment and

Learning to listen in, body, mind, heart and soul, you will identify what is going on within so you can also respond in healthy ways to others. Your emotions are your GPS: Guide to Personal and Professional Success. HEAL increases your emotional awareness and your emotional fitness for greater confidence.

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