ePub Reviewers Guide

Thanks in advance for your participation at ePub Review! The current reviewer outline can be found at: http://www.epubconversions.com/reviewers

The process is pretty straight forward and I will aim to keep things simple. I welcome your feedback, so please don’t hesitate to contact me with your comments or suggestions on how to improve the program.

Authors: For each review you post, you earn a credit for a review on your book. The process entails me assigning your book to be reviewed by someone other than the person who reviewed your book… since Amazon’s review policy prohibits one-for-one review swaps between authors. Please make a note beneath the title once you’ve posted a review to Amazon.

Readers: For each review you post, you will earn a credit that can be redeemed for another title from our ever expanding library. If there is a book you would like to review not currently in our library, simply provide us with the author, title & link (if possible) and we will request a review copy on your behalf.

Advice for Reviewers

We are seeking honest, authentic reviews. If you are able to include any of the keywords noted in the outline, then it will help improve the findability and relevance of your review.

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