Gender Trauma by Gabriel Orion Marie

Thank you for your interest in Gender Trauma and the Healing of Tommy-Girl by Gabriel Orion Marie.

 Gender Trauma is a phrase that came to me as I have thought about how to communicate my personal experience of deep pain and confusion that resulted from being sexually and emotionally tortured and brainwashed regarding my own body and gender. This book is about my healing from that specific trauma and the many attending issues around my sense of self that resulted from those traumas.

Since I published my trilogy several years ago, I have come even further along the road of healing, and I have moved into a deeper, more reflective perspective on the whole gender issue within me. The lens I am looking through now is not so much of an explicit, biographical, recounting of the abuse that I experienced. Rather, it is a progressive, retrospective understanding of how devastating, disabling, and painful Gender Trauma was for me, and how the gaping wounds that came from it affected every area of my life. Now, I also have an internal overview of how these wounds gradually healed through the inner work that I have done.

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