Lord Have Murphy

Thank you for your interest in Lord Have Murphy: Waking Up in the Spiritual Marketplace by Fran Shaw.

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“When will Buddha bring the ice cream? I’d like the Instant Enlightenment Sundae, please, with no nuts. And could I have it to go?” —Murphy

We hear a lot these days about mindfulness. “Weapons of mass instruction are proliferating.” How to clear the air? To trust what’s in us and that we’re finding our way to it. With unrelenting humor, Murphy gives it a try, only to discover in himself an extraordinary truth: that contact with the finer energy animating us awakens us to a completely different level of being alive.

With over 40 wonderful drawings by Bruce M. Sherman, and Murphy’s satirical comments that make us laugh out loud, the book appeals to both of our natures, the everyday and the higher. For Murphy the daily ups and downs become the necessary reminders to awaken, and “we don’t have to be a certain way to wake up.” All that we need is already in us, hidden from our usual mind. “Nothing about me needs to change except where the attention is.”

Is being self-aware the same as being awake? Can we think or behave our way to a higher level? Surely “transformation” must mean more than “transitory information about how to cope as a cheerier me.” Is there “an Intelligence in me that bypasses thought”?

Along with these questions, Murphy explores, with great fun: travels in the state of Identification; “everything in self-help but The Self?”; the four levels of spiritual writing (“From,” “About,” “Spinach,” and “Criminal”); the Leaky Boat School of Self-Perfecting; beliefs (“the Big Addiction”) and ownership (“the Big Trap”); plus, best-selling real estate guides for the mindful including Change Your Dome, Change Your Life.

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