Important information and advice on your eBook

Dear Author,

If you’ve arrived at this page, your eBook conversion has most likely been completed (in some cases, I may send this to you in advance). Before you review your eBook, please take a few minutes to read this page completely – doing so will save you time and help you avoid common frustrations my clients often run into.

Please note: If I’ve sent you a new file, and you’ve already loaded it onto your eReader once before – It’s highly recommended to first delete the old file off the eReader before loading the new one!

If you need the links to setup your publisher accounts at each marketplace, here they are:

I’ve created tutorials to assist you in setting up your accounts, reviewing your files, and setting up your titles (if you are doing it yourself) at each marketplace at:

Some very important points I want to highlight:

  1. Your eBook has been optimized around the iPad and Kindle devices. We optimize for those two devices because those are the devices the vast majority (>90%) of your readers will be using. Part of the reason you hired us was because we look at eBooks every day – and we know how they are supposed to look. You should feel confident publishing your eBook and trust in knowing that your eBook has been properly formatted with industry best practices based on reader input.
  2. You will get the opportunity to preview the file when you upload it to Amazon & BN.
  3. The only feasible way to view an ePub on iBooks is with an iPad or iPhone. I have instructions on how to view your ePub file with iBooks here.
  4. While you can use a program for the PC/Mac called Adobe Digital Editions that you download to view the ePub file, keep in mind that the formatting will look significantly different (much better) on the actual eReading devices your readers will use to view your eBook.
  5. You may have already hired us to setup your title. But if you haven’t already, it’s always an option at $79/marketplace or $249 for all four (Amazon, BN, Apple, and Kobo). We’ll still need you to setup your own seller accounts – and provide us with your username/pw so we can setup the titles under your account. Links to each account are above. We will email you the setup form to help you organize all the information we’ll need.
  6. If there are any mistakes we’ve made – we’ll of course fix them right away. However, if you’ve found typos that were in the manuscript you provided us, or decide to make any other changes (that differ from what you provided us), we will need to charge our standard change fee of $85. The reason for this is because we have to reconvert, and retest the file on each device, which is time consuming.
  7. To publish to Apple iBooks, you need a mac w/iTunes Producer. You don’t however need a mac to setup your iTunes Connect account. Advice and further information on iBooks setup can be found at:
  8. eBooks don’t have page #’s, but the majority of eReading software will provide page #’s on the screen as a reference for the reader. Just keep in mind the page #’s will always be changing based on the font size, screen size, and orientation.
  9. To find a mistake we’ve made, we’ll need enough words around the area needing correction in order to find it with a search. Please also let us know what eBook reader you are using where you saw the error.

You have a few options to view the files below, depending on your situation. (Note: The .mobi file is for Kindle and the .epub for all other readers):

  1. If you own a Kindle, follow these directions on how to send the .mobi file to your device.
  2. If you own an iPhone/iPad, you can either use this webpage on your ipad and click on the ePub link below (if you have the iBooks app installed) or transfer it to your iPad via iTunes ([see directions here]( “How to transfer epub files to your iPad through iTunes)) or use the Dropbox app on your iPad (my preferred method).
  3. If you own a nook, you will need to plug your nook into your computer and then copy the .epub file into your /documents directory on your nook (it’ll look like a USB drive when you plug it into your computer).

I have either emailed your files to you, or if they are large, provided a link to download your files directly from Dropbox. If you are getting your files via Dropbox, please note that you will also need to click on the cover image to download your jpg cover. FYI – You can also click on the link in the email I sent you from your iPhone or iPad to open directly on any tablet or smartphone.

You will also have the opportunity to preview your ebook when you upload it to Amazon & BN. Just keep in mind most of the functionality will be stripped out (ie: clickable links) and the formatting is not likely a true representation of how it will look on an eBook device (especially when it comes to images).

If you run into any problems, feel free to contact us and we’ll do our best to assist you further.

Thanks so much for your business!

My best,
Brian Schwartz
skype: brian.schwartz