The Art of Weight Loss Coaching by Barbara Crosby

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Barbara Crosby – coaching phenomenon and founder of The Motivational Center- shares the secrets behind her years of weight loss coaching success. In this informative, how-to program, Barbara offers the strategies and concepts that helped build her practice and sustain a successful health coach business before the boom of the profession. She shares secret insights into the “art” of connecting and establishing relationships with clients, as well as provides access to food plans and her Proven Weight Loss Program. The Art of Weight Loss Coaching teaches health coaches and others who work with clients to improve their health, the perfect balance between motivation, education and commitment, ultimately elevating their skill sets to achieve client success.

The information contained in this manual is the equivalent of a YEAR-LONG EDUCATIONAL COURSE in successful weight loss coaching! Barbara has privately trained hundreds of coaches across the country using the strategies, concepts, and principles found in The Art of Weight Loss Coaching.

The Art of Weight Loss Coaching Manual includes: Barbara Crosby’s Proven Weight Loss Tips that will help your clients lose weight; Business Forms and Client Handouts ready to be branded with your business logo; Practical exercises and methods that you can apply to any coaching situation; Real life Case Studies that offer solutions to even the most challenging client circumstances and conditions.

Barbara is a graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, The Dietary College of Nutrition and Adelphi University. In her practice, she has coached over 7,000 individuals spanning almost three decades. Barbara became an expert in the weight loss coaching industry long before it became popular. She has been featured on Fox News, WNBC-TV, WABC-TV, The Daily News, The New York Times and The Bloomberg Forum. She has also been featured in national magazines including: GQ, Cosmopolitan, Vogue, Fitness and Elle.

Based on the weight loss strategies she successfully implemented in her practice The Motivational Center, Barbara consulted for and created an exclusive program with the national gym chain Equinox Fitness and Discovering the Thin You. Barbara’s food plans focus on whole foods and are customized for men and women in every decade to accommodate varying weight loss goals, stages of life and individual choice.

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