Imperfect Rose Advance Reader Copy Request

Book One in the Patrick’s Garden series

By Celeste Messer

Thank you for your interest in reviewing Imperfect Rose by Celeste Messer

Romance fans of bestselling author Debbie Macomber will be drawn to a new series being published by author Celeste Messer. Book one in the Patrick’s Garden series is entitled Imperfect Rose. It’s a story that will touch your heart with potent relationships that reinforce the importance of family and friendships.


When Rose learns that her much-anticipated romantic weekend is cancelled, and Charles isn’t going to propose as planned, she decides that a short trip to Texas may be just ‘the ticket’. It will give her time to relax and regroup and maybe it will give Charles time to rethink their relationship. Rose arrives home to discover that some guy has moved in with her mother, and the family business is in shambles. Rose isn’t sure who to blame as her mother is in the hospital with amnesia and wants nothing to do with the business. As the eldest daughter, it’s up to Rose to guide the family through the storm. In the process of rebuilding the family business and helping Maggie regain her memories, the MacRae women discover that, when all is said and done, they are family and each is a vital part of the legacy of Patrick’s Garden.

About the Series

Imperfect Rose is the 1st title in the Patrick’s Garden series.