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MAN UP – Moving Men from Ordinary to Extraordinary

74 pages Every day in life, men struggle to find their purpose and passion. In this book, MAN UP, Pastor B. Patrick Lewis teaches you simple, yet effective ways to move your life from ordinary to extraordinary. In today’s world,

Challenge Your Assumptions, Change Your World by Andy Cohen

Introducing the Assumpt! A break through to faster, smarter business decisions. Andy Cohen, New York Times notable author of Follow the Other Hand, introduces the Assumpt!, a breakthrough way to make better business decisions, faster and smarter. Orville Wright, co-founder

Book Your Chair Solid: 150 Tips to Grow Your Business

Review copies now available of Book Your Chair Solid: 150 Tips to Grow Your Business Attn: Stylists, Salon Owners, Booth Renters, Barbershops and Spas. Book Your Chair Solid 150 Tips to Grow Your Business by Jeff Grissler & Eric Ryant

Win! Expert Advice for Raising Successful Athletes by Emily Pavot

Parenting is difficult. Parenting athletes can be even more difficult. Win! Expert Advice on Raising Successful Athletes makes the decision making easier. By analyzing interviews with Olympians, professional athletes, and college athletes, the book provides insights that help parents raise

A Sam Cloudstone Novella

The Sam Cloudstone Chronicles (Book 1) The Case of Section 950, Seat E-14 Leaving that world, he became a free spirit, surviving as an author, a songwriter, a photographer, a bartender and a bounty hunter. The first clue is inside

A Swift Kick in the Can’ts by Elaina Zuker

Guts n’ Gunships by Mark Garrision

A Hole in Science by Ted Christopher

Not Your Mother’s Goose

The Positive Leader with a Big Impact by Bing Carbone