The Business of Wanting More

Why Some Executives Move from Success to Fulfillment and Others Don’t

by Brian Gast

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The Business of Wanting More contains the astonishing confessions of a serial entrepreneur and a CEO of one of the fastest-growing telecom companies in the world. He thought he had it all, except for that nagging feeling of…wanting more.

Brian Gast made and lost $50 million. He learned the hard way that successful leadership requires more than an MBA, leadership training, and hundreds of books on leadership. It requires taking the risk of looking inward and bursting the bubble created by limiting beliefs and distorted views.

You hold in your hands the highly acclaimed Q7 Process, created by Brian Gast to coach executives to previously unimaginable levels of success and happiness.

In The Business of Wanting More, you’ll get recharged and refreshed as you learn to:

  • Integrate Your Leadership with a Whole-Life View
  • Tap Unused Skills to Play a Bigger Game
  • Respond to High-Stress Situations and Generate Powerful Results
  • Create a Road Map to Success and Fulfillment
  • Get MORE of What You (Really) Want!

Being Successful Can Be Your Undoing…

Like most entrepreneurs, Brian Gast lived in a bubble: A bubble that influenced his decisions and actions. A bubble that led to delusions of grandeur and compounding mistakes. When he finally burst it, his newfound success formula—the Q7Process—was so transformational for himself, he now shares it with the executives and entrepreneurs he coaches. If you’re looking for greater leadership capacity and creativity, and you have the courage to take risks, you won’t be able to put down The Business of Wanting More. You’ll laugh as you recognize yourself, and you’ll sigh with relief as you find the clarity and inspiration you need to achieve the life you’ve always wanted but never believed you could have.

About the author:

Brian Gast is a former hotshot MBA and CEO who rode the high-stakes roller coaster of three fast-growth telecommunications companies. Sensing that something was missing despite his net worth of over $50 million, Brian wondered, “If I’m so successful, why am I so unfulfilled and wanting more?” When he lost his fortune, business, property, stuff, and community status, he realized painfully that what makes you successful can be your undoing.

Since launching his executive coaching firm, Quadrant Corp., in 2001, Brian has become a highly sought-after executive coach and trusted advisor to business leaders of Fortune 1000 companies and mid-sized private companies as well as entrepreneurs. His clients have included Polycom Corporation, F. Hoffmann-La Roche, Ltd., Clear Channel Communications, Inc., Cisco Systems, Inc., DeVry Inc., The Walt Disney Company, Covidien, Inc., and Stryker Corporation.

In the process of healing himself, Brian developed his innovative and life-altering Q7 Process. This unique approach combines inner work with outer realities, breaking the bubble of limiting beliefs and distorted views, which are barriers to success and happiness. Brian’s clients have experienced an increase in leadership capacity and fulfillment, leading to playing fields bigger than they’d ever imagined.

Brian also works with teams to resolve conflict and create alignment. His Top Team Alignment Process helps team members develop trust, meaningful relationships, and the accountability needed to commit to powerful visions and generate superior results.

Brian lives in Littleton, Colorado, with Tricia, his wife of 20 years, their two teenage children, a Portuguese Water Dog named Mo, and a Tibetan Terrier named Tess.

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