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Book title:
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Attach press release & jpg of the front cover.

See sample here.

Actual submission:

Dear Bostick submission review team,

We have a new title for consideration in your book press release service:

Book title: Dads of Disability
ISBN (13 digit): 978-0615971865
Publisher: garymdietz
Publish date: April 15, 2014
Page count: 248
Price: $15.99 (print)

Review copies are available in print, kindle, or apple iBooks.

See attached press release & jpg of the front cover.

Time frame: immediate – review copies will be available starting next Wednesday (3/19/14).

Note: If this title meets your criteria, I will be setting up a special email address for you to use to forward any requests for review copies.

My best,

Brian Schwartz

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