Bouncing Back: The Life of Bill Bartmann

by Bill Bartmann & Jonathan Rozek

Brown Books Publishing Group

From the Author of an Amazon #1 World-Wide Best Seller.

“Although Bartmann lost his company, he managed to turn his loss into an opportunity that made him a billionaire and changed an entire industry.” — National Public Radio

“Bill is ‘The Greatest’ at helping people recognize and discover the champion hiding inside. He teaches people how to knockout the negatives in their lives.” — Muhammad Ali

“Bill Bartmann is a good steward! He knows he has been given a special gift and he shares it with everyone he touches. He has made a profound positive difference in the lives of so many.” — Mother Teresa

“Bill Bartmann survived failure, remade one of the country’s ugliest industries, and became a billionaire.” — Inc. Magazine

“Bartmann is a quintessentially American figure. Perhaps that is because he is fundamentally a pioneer and a frontiersman, a relentless optimist with unbounded self-confidence and an unshakable faith that he can not only wring booty from what looks like barren turf but that he can also have fun doing so.” — The New Yorker

“Named One of the Top 100 Entrepreneurs of the Last 100 Years” — Apple Computer

“Bill Bartmann’s autobiography is proof there is nothing that we can’t overcome if we truly want to. His remarkable story will inspire every reader.” — Harvey Mackay, author of the #1 New York Times Best Seller, Swim With The Sharks Without Being Eaten Alive

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They say that truth can be stranger than fiction, and in the case of Bill Bartmann, it’s absolutely the case. Bouncing Back is a glimpse into situations most of us never see:

  • Leaving a dirt-poor family at age 14 to join the carnival
  • Being an alcoholic gang member by age 17
  • Becoming paralyzed by falling down stairs drunk
  • Being told that you’ll never walk again, yet later walking out of the hospital

Those are unusual-enough experiences, but they were only the beginning of Bartmann’s journey. He is the only person ever to work in a pig slaughterhouse for years, and later become a billionaire—the 25th wealthiest person in America.

After his success, Bartmann didn’t just go to Disneyworld, he rented the entire facility and hired 27 jumbo jets to fly his employees there. And he’s the only person to turn down an invitation to sleep in the Lincoln Bedroom because he was too busy.

As if that’s not enough to fill one lifetime, Bartmann was then personally indicted by the U.S. Attorney General on 57 felony counts, and faced 600 years in prison if convicted. Without testifying at his own trial or calling a single witness, Bartmann was cleared of all charges and the government later admitted it had no case.

Now Bartmann’s back, taking on the entire debt-collection industry and creating a new form of debt-collection company never before seen on the planet.

Bouncing Back is about the lowest of lows, and the highest of highs. It’s also about how you never know what’s around the corner.

★ ★ ★
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