Betrayed: The True Story of a Trusted Friend’s Fraud, Deceit, and Betrayal

Betrayed by David Bernard

Betrayed: The True Story of a Trusted Friend’s Fraud, Deceit, and Betrayal

by David Bernard (with Bette Price)

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Betrayed by David Bernard


What inspired me to write this true story had several reasons, my friends, as well as Carole, told me : “David, you must right a book. No one would ever believe this story.” Mainly I wanted to get the story out and hopefully help, alert others of precautions to consider when engaging a contractor. There is so much to learn and understand in order to avoid becoming a member of this league of victims I know this first hand from experiencing my own home loss and the incredible fraud i incurred in an attempt to rebuild.

Contractors have a license to steal. My real desire would be to change the law, and have a bill enacted by means of legislature where these contractors must be licensed, violations would be changed from civil to criminal misdemeanor, up to felony incarceration with fines, and loss of personal assets. THIS Would totally change their actions. At this time they have nothing to lose. They know how to beat the system and they know it.

Betrayed: The True Story of a Trusted Friend’s Fraud, Deceit, and Betrayal, recounts the harrowing tale of the fire that burned down the dream home that he and his wife built…and of the dear friend who became their general contractor . That decision turned into endless legal and financial nightmares, riddled with faulty workmanship, structural failures, code infractions, inferior material, and fraudulent use of funds.

It maybe one of the first true stories about the inside actions of our civil courts when it comes to general contractors and about how the system allows them to walk away, without consequences, for their actions. It also shows how these frauds can and do happen, even when one has the knowledge to prevent this.

As this true story tells, after three years of legal wrangling by the opposing lawyer and should you be awarded a judgment by the civil courts, you may not be classified as a creditor, so you may not have the rights to file for credit collections through the bureau . As the current laws are written, this type of fraud is a civil matter not criminal. Should a person steal from a bank or from your home , it is a felony, but a fraud or a scams as this was it is civil and there are many ways that they can just walk away as the story tells, this is what happen to us.


“Since we opened our doors at homeowners of Texas i have listened to and read literally hundreds of nightmarish accounts from victimized homeowners with chilling details of fraudulent and abusive tactics by unscrupulous home builders without question. The most stunning example of home builder fraud I have ever seen was that experienced by David and Carole. their story is unique and traumatic.” – Tom Archer, Texas Homeowner

“The book was engaging, the messages speaking to moral compass of right and wrong and capturing the sympathies for the author being so wronged. The writing was easy to read, layman and not academic or lawyerese. being defrauded goes against most people’s moral fiber.” – Editor

“I can hardly read this . It’s so personal. Made it through intro & chapter 1 (The Fire) and feel like crying while I ate my lunch.” – Vickie

“Really could not put it down. So sad, so powerful at the same time. The book was riveting, the more I read the more i wanted. You guys have a really good, strong marriage as that would have torn most couples apart. So much heartache and anguish you’ve had to go through. – CJ Deck

“What a story, I can not believe a best friend would do this to someone whom put himself out there all the time. This guy belongs in jail, a theft, is a theft. No mater how they do it.” – Prince Andrew Asare

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