Publius: Libertas Aut Mors


Baltazar Bolado II

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A dead revolutionary, using a sequence of prearranged think tank scenarios, places his son and his son’s wife at the center of an elaborate plot to overthrow the government of the United States.

Set in the backdrop of the dyed-in-the-wool soil of Virginia, a secret counterterrorism organization, within the remains of the decommissioned CIFA agency, sets out on the task of eliminating an identified domestic revolutionary society. Used as pawns, Quentin and Irene Randolph, a common American couple, celebrating their first year wedding anniversary, find themselves immersed in a terrifying world filled with intrigue and government sponsored assassination. Torn between the powerful life struggles of love, family loyalty and patriotic allegiance, a series of strange events explode all around them, forcing them to go on the lam.

In a desperate struggle to survive, Quentin and Irene begin to unravel the mystery behind the seemingly unrelated events, only to discover family secrets which begin to prove that the events are part of a complex plan of revenge and they are caught in the throes and violence of a new American civil war.

Also thrust into the epic story is Richard Haler, a tormented and broken man who simply wishes for a normal life. But, in painful increments, the story reveals the reality: Richard Haler can never have a normal life.

Richard Haler is a trained assassin in a non-existent government program that controls him in the most dreadful of ways. All traces of humanity ripped from his mind, all that remains is the conflict between a man who desires the liberty he can never have and abhors the created cold assassin that he is.

Bound to an oath to a dead man, Richard turns on the government agency that created him, as he seeks to save the son and daughter-in-law of the only father he’s ever known.

In a race against time, a titanic struggle ensues, the incredible events flashing across Virginia in patriotic images of ordinary citizens who dare to defy an out of control government in the name of liberty.

Amidst the chaos emerge two love stories of extraordinary devotion and the spirit of a long ago romance that will inspire Quentin and Irene in their quest for the truth.

Publius: Libertas Aut Mors is an unforgettable thriller filled with romance, action packed adventure, and patriotic inspiration. It may be the most important book you ever read.

About the Author

A good story is clarity—the sharper the focus on the characters and plot, the better the story.

I live a focused life in the middle of a chaotic world, trying to determine what’s more important: the next scene of my lead character or whether I can get away with not paying the light bill until next week.

I have been supporting my writing addiction for many years, but lately it’s become harder to support my habit.

It’s a problem of heart and desire.

When you lose all the things that meant anything to you, the answers you’ve come up with in your life suddenly become questions.

Every now and then I recall the enormity of all that I lost in one dark month—November, 2010.

Losing two Mrs. Bolados is more than most men could live through.

What does that make me—a man who can lose so much and still live?

I like the rain, but hate getting wet; I like ice cream, but only if it’s melted; I love viewing the sunset, but hate having to wait all day for it; I have a beautiful two story house in town but live mostly at Rene’s house—I am this evolving mystery that is impossible to solve.

My work and this blog are my life’s story.

I’m an author, and this is my culture.


Romance, thriller, suspense, spies, espionage, historical


  • FICTION > Romance > Suspense
  • FICTION > Historical

ISBN: 9781467556538


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