Amazon Listing/Description Formatting Secrets

**This is very cool when you use with: (It converts all of these codes to HTML to be used in a wordpress post/page) !!

BOLD <b>XXX</b> Replace ‘XXX’ and the text appears BOLD.

ITALICS <i>XXX</i> Replace ‘XXX’ and the text will appear in italic.

CENTERED <center>XXXX</center> Replace ‘XXX’ and the text will be centered.

CENTERED & BOLD <center> <b>XXX</center></b>

CENTERED & ITALIC <center><i>XXX</center></i>


BULLETED LIST: <ul> <li>XXX 1</li> <li>XXX 2</li> <li>XXX 3</li> </ul>

QUESTION – what special characters can you use? *

Appears in your book page as: • XXX • XXX • XXX

NUMBERED LIST: <ol> <li>XXX 1</li> <li>XXX 2</li> <li>XXX 3</li> </ol>

Appears in your book page as: 1. SOMETHING 2. SOMETHING 3. SOMETHING

H1 HEADLINE: <h1>SOMETHING</h1> Appears as the largest font size Amazon allows

H2 Headline (comes out as Amazon orange) <h2>SOMETHING</h2>

Appears as the second largest font size Amazon allows (in company orange) H3, H4, H5, H6 formats (follow same pattern as above)

HEADLINE & CENTERED <center><h1>SOMETHING</h1> </center>

Appears centered in your book page as SOMETHING. Remember, H1 is the largest font size and that H2 comes out as Amazon orange.

ADDING PICTURES Amazon does not allow you to upload images. You first have to upload the image to your website and then use its URL link. The following code automatically wraps copy to the right of the image: 75 <img src=”THE URL OF YOUR PIC HERE” align=”left” /> Note: Simply paste the URL of your image where indicated, but be sure to keep the quotation marks intact.

ADDING COLOR Red <span style=”color: #ff0000;”>SOMETHING</span> Cyan

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