Seven Secrets of Influence

Portable Power for the 21st Century

by Elaina Zuker

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Influence. Every one wants it. But how do you get it?

A new e-book, “Seven Secrets of Influence”, now available on Kindle, by author, consultant, and businesswoman Elaina Zuker, is a simple, practical guide to understanding these “secrets” and mastering the key skills for successful Influence.

Influencing others is one of the critical business skills required for success today. Strong interpersonal and influencing skills are essential as we work in teams, interact with those from other disciplines, and “sell” our ideas and projects to upper management.

It’s Not What You Know
It used to be that when we started up the corporate ladder, we were told that in order to achieve success we simply needed to put in our time and to develop our professional and technical expertise.

It’s Not Who You Know
After a while, this began to change and we heard that “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know.” We began to learn the importance of contacts, and how to build a network of helpful people.

So What Is It?
Now we have entered a new era. You can’t count on technical or professional expertise alone. These skills can quickly become obsolete. And you can’t simply count on your contacts to get what you want. High-level contacts can vanish overnight with the next corporate shake-up, budget cut, acquisition, or merger.

What you need is something of your own, an inner resource or ability which you can tap whenever it’s needed. What you need, in short, is influence: a set of people skills that can serve you whenever and wherever you are, a set of interpersonal skills that you can practice anytime, anywhere, inside or outside an organization. We call it “portable power.”

In her bestselling book, Seven Secrets of Influence: Portable Power for the 21st Century communication expert and management consultant Elaina Zuker outlines clear steps to show how influence is a set of interpersonal skills that can be learned, practiced, and mastered. These are the key skills which will allow you to become more successful in your relationships with co-workers, bosses, and subordinates.

Zuker, who has over the course of a decades long career , has advised companies such as AT &T, IBM, Sheraton Hotels, American Express, Bell Labs and dozens of others in the U.S., Canada and internationally.

She is the author of five books, including bestseller “Seven Secrets of Influence” which has been translated into four languages and was published in India last year.

She recently was honored by her alma mater, NYU/New York Polytechnic University, with the Alumni Achievement Award, for her outstanding accomplishments in business, education. and entrepreneurship.

Her unique theory of the “Secrets of Influence” is the result studying the Influence Strategies of hundreds of managers and executives in these companies. Combining academic discipline with her years of practical business experience, she created the unique “Secrets of Influence Styles Inventory” and her elegant but simple step-by-step system for building on one’s existing Influence skills and formulating a personal Influence Strategy (the details of the statistical studies are in the appendix of the book).

This highly practical guide, filled with realistic advice on succeeding in today’s unpredictable business and social climates, enables the reader to learn the skills needed to persuade the boss to try a new idea or approach, to influence subordinates to work together more productively, or to induce a school or community group to adopt – or defeat – a proposal.

Identifying and explaining the basic influence styles, the author tells how to determine one’s natural style and, even more important, how to develop better “radar” to detect the influence styles of others.

Understanding that we all must interact with many different types of people in both business and social settings, in addition to the new media we are all using, these techniques allow us to exert more influence in all our relationships.

Given such realities, Zuker demonstrates which style is most effective for accomplishing varying goals: creating a common vision, establishing trust, fostering an atmosphere conductive to an open exchange of ideas or a rational discussion of hard data, encouraging creative and innovative solutions to problems, or motivating unimaginative or recalcitrant people.

The Seven Secrets of Influence is filled with vital Information on such topics as how to use verbal and nonverbal clues to create instant rapport, gain credibility with others, motivate cautious people, overcome the problems caused by overlapping or unclear authority, and gain the support of key decision makers for important projects.

Powerful and practical, this book is essential reading for any manager or communicator in today’s tough business climate.

Reader Benefits

  • Understand how Influence Technology works
  • Learn the six key influence styles
  • Revealing Influence Styles Inventory
  • How to develop a better influence ‘Radar’
  • Developing your personal influence strategy
  • Save time by increasing you success ration
  • Establishing a personal strategic influence plan
  • Influence Profile
  • Increase your influence despite your title or position across established hierarchies

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